Top 20 Weather Photographs: June 13th 2016 “Storm is a Work of Art”

The top 10 weather photographs shared in the Mr Twister
Weather Snapshot group on  June 6th-12th 2016

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#1 Ryan Wunsch‎ (1432 Likes)

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Taken Friday near Stanford Montana. I noticed when the smaller storms hit Stanford, they blew up, so we went back to sit and watch. Then this happened!! We watched it grow from a small storm into this beast over the mountain, heading straight for us, I wish I’d have time lapsed it. Next time… — with Kyle Brittain – The Calgary Weather Guy in Stanford, Montana.

#2 Greg Johnson‎ (1320 Likes)

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This is one of my all time favorite lightning images. I shot it as a non-severe storm passed close to home. I debated with myself if I wanted to get off the couch and go take some shots…one of the best photo-decisions I ever made. July 24 2014, Regina, Saskatchewan.

#3 Todd DeSantis‎ (751 Likes)

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My tent was lit last night! 😏 — at Fort Fisher.

#4 Greg Johnson‎ (608 Likes)

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I have been back to Pilger a few times and have documented the rebuilding of this community. The 2 yr anniversary is coming up next week and it gives me an opportunity to reflect on how much emotion goes into storm chasing. There are boring days, exciting days and a handful of really tragic days. I was 300 yards away and watched as this town was obliterated on June 16 2014.

#5 David Paal‎ (583 Likes)

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Stormy night in Minnesota lake

#6 Laura French‎ (571 Likes)

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Dodge city, KS, 24-5-2016  The day of the tornado’s


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#7 Greg Johnson‎ (526 Likes)

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Because y’all haven’t seen enough photos from Dodge City, May 24 2016. Sincerely, I feel bad for the chasers who went to the Liberal, KS storm and missed Dodge. I have been on the flip side many times. Not a great feeling.

#8 Rick Gosper‎‎ (485 Likes)

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West Arm, Darwin Harbour, NT- Australia

#9 Brendan Gully‎ (427 Likes)

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Epic end to an insane storm chase, May 24 near Dodge City, Kansas.

#10 Maximilian Conrad (415 Likes)

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* High five * The most amazing supercell storm of our “chasecation” high fives at the end of its lifetime. I still cannot believe how generous mother nature had been that special day! I hope you are not yet tired of photos from Leoti – but this one I had to share as well 🙂 Leoti, Kansas, May 21st 2016 single shot, 4 seconds exposure time

#11 Laura French‎ (413 Likes)

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Dodge city, 24-5-16 The day of the tornado’s!

#12 Brian Constantine‎‎ (406 Likes)

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 An abandoned gas station seemed like an appropriate setting for this apocalyptic storm structure near Olds, Alberta yesterday evening (June 7).

#13 Tam Chik Barnes‎(399 Likes)

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May tornado near Dodge City Kansas.

#14 Rick Gosper‎ (384 Likes)

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 Woods Inlet / Talc Head, NT, Australia – April 2015

#15 Jamie Lyons‎ (382 Likes)

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Absolutely spectacular sunset here tonight!!!!!! South East Queensland Australia

#16 Tommy Vreeland‎ (368 Likes)

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#17 Debby Tarran Lesko‎‎ (362 Likes)

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Just started taking pictures and I was standing in a muddy field in Bunker Hill Illinois. A red sunset. I will never forget

#18 Darrick Shores‎ ‎(361 Likes)

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Reflections of a Beast.

#19 Jessie Racette‎ (350 Likes)

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#20 Patrick Kelly‎ (349 Likes)

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‘3 in 1’
Dodge City, KS, 24.05.16


 Rising Stars

Willard Sharp‎

A star filled night on May 13, 2016 down in southern Iowa at Bob White State Park. It was a beautiful and clam night with only the owls breaking the silence of the night. This is a 2 shot panorama of the sky and lake. I love the reflections of the Milky Way and a little fog out on the water at the time of the shot. This was taken with a Nikon D750 with a Rokinon 24mm lens. Shutter time 15 seconds, aperture f/1.4, and ISO 1250. I have many Milky Way photos in my collection and I feel this is by far my best looking one as far as details that can be seen in the Milky Way.

Tina Ecker‎

The calm before the storm…Eau Claire,WI 6/10/2016

Andrew Hochstein‎

Perryton Tx, 5/24/16

Jeff Prescott‎

Taken west of Rapid City SD yesterday … It was a great storm to chase

Nathan Moore‎

Near Brush, Colorado May 7th 2016.

Congrats Everyone!

Zach Roberts

Zach Roberts

Owner/Storm Chaser/Photographer at Mr Twister
Hello and welcome my fellow photography and weather enthusiasts! I hope you enjoy my website and my photography. Nothing else in the world compares to seeing the beauty of mother nature in person, and I truly enjoying sharing my passion with you.
Zach Roberts

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