Top 10 Weather Photographs: May 6th, 2016 “Picturesque Colorado Tornado”

The top 10 weather photographs shared in the Mr Twister
Weather Snapshot group on May 4th 2016

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#1 Jeff Niederstadt‎‎ (1081 Likes)

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4/15/16 near Eads, CO. I know there have been many photos posted here of this tornado but I wanted to share my work as well.

#2 Ethan Schisler‎‎ (905 Likes)

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Picturesque supercell near Paducah, Texas last Thursday. Wish the cloud bases had been lower because this could have been epic. But it was still pretty for what it was worth

#3 Jonas Piontek‎ (874 Likes)

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The NASA has just published an article on the research of lightning density on earth and as expected, Lake Maracaibo has won the title with a density of more than 230/km2 and storms at about 300 days per year. Incredible right?

#4 Allan Lamar‎ (392 Likes)

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I took this on 25 Apr 16, Lampasas, Tx. Just thought it was cool.

#5 David Derve Patterson‎ (330 Likes)

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My favorite single frame from Saturday in East St. Louis IL. looking through the gateway to the west!!! You can see more of my photos at

#6 Damon Wagland‎ (177 Likes)

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A nice Guster rolling in, just south of Darwin in the Northern Territory of Australia.


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#7 Steven Coy‎‎ (140 Likes)

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Menacing skies under a supercell in Norman, OK back on March 25th, 2015.

#8 Dan Smeiska‎‎ (137 Likes)

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Supercell in the northwoods of Wisconsin. Way back during the 2011 Season. What an amazing storm this was to watch develop…

#9 Bobbi Burrows (137 Likes)

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 Outside Frederick, OK on 4/26/16.

#10 Dylan Allen‎ (131 Likes)

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Double rainbow in star nc !


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Travis Farncombe‎

Panhandle supercell. April 28 2016, a great chase day in Texas!

Matko Begovic‎

Makarska,Croatia, 04.05.2016.

Tiffany Qualley‎

Sunset Taken in Alvarado Minnesota

Andrew Hoffman‎

Awesome 3-strike snapshot from a line of non-severe storms near Covington, Texas on April 29, 2016.

Dustin Fox‎

Today in east TN.

Congrats Everyone!

Zach Roberts

Zach Roberts

Owner/Storm Chaser/Photographer at Mr Twister
Hello and welcome my fellow photography and weather enthusiasts! I hope you enjoy my website and my photography. Nothing else in the world compares to seeing the beauty of mother nature in person, and I truly enjoying sharing my passion with you.
Zach Roberts

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