Top 10 Weather Photographs: December 22nd, 2015 “Mesocyclone Madness”

The top 10 weather photographs shared in the Mr Twister
Weather Snapshot group on December 20th, 2015

#1 Jane ONeill‎ (312 Likes)

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Occasionally when we chase storms and after days and days of travel…thousands of kilometres, we tag onto a storm that just gives and gives…this supercell was the most amazing storm we have ever seen, here south of Matheson the full glory of the storm will not fit into even a wide angle lens…no matter there is enough drama here for a lifetime…within the rainwrapping mesocyclone on the right is hidden a large tornado, on the left the first touchdown of an anticyclonic tornado sets well against the backlight…need I say any more !! South of Matheson, Colorado 4th June 2015

#2 Ryan Shepard‎ (268 Likes)

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June 2012 Clovis, NM – Roger Hill, the world record holder, looks at a Supercell

#3 Wayne Bergman‎ (223 Likes)

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Mist off the Pacific keep the Red Woods alive.


#4 Joel Haskins (162 Likes)

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Some of the most amazing and colorful sunsets I’ve seen have occurred here in the south. Residing in Arkansas for the last 15 years I’ve seen and captured many of them. This one I was excited to capture back on November 6th 2015, near a municipal airport in Bentonville Arkansas. Such vast colors, which change every second. I hope y’all enjoy this as much as I did photographing it. Such a peaceful moment.

#5 Anthony Stephens‎‎ (128 Likes)

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March of 2015 near McAlester Oklahoma. This was taken in Oklahoma City around 150 miles away. A huge storm indeed!



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#6 Debby Tarran Lesko‎ (103 Likes)

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Sick with the flu all week when I saw the sunrise this morning camera in hand I headed to the country

#7 Bonnie Brown‎ (90 Likes)

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This was taken in Annapolis, MD It went straight across the sky.. I couldn’t get all of it in one picture.

#8 Ruslan Merzlyakov‎ ‎(88 Likes)

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Denmark, Nykøbing Mors for about an hour ago!

#9 Peter Siegfried von Söhnen‎ (80 Likes)

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Good morning from northern Germany

#10 Martin Schunack‎ (78 Likes)

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Sunset over the Castle Hohenzollern, Swabian Alb Germany, — at Hohenzollern Castle.




 Rising Stars


Jennifer Stark‎

May 19,2013 near Rose Hill, KS

Cindy Aguirre‎

Macro shot of an icy snowflake fallen on a blue and white scarf. Taken early this year, February.

Iago Siqueira‎

Beauty and magic sunrise in Farol de São Tomé, Campos beach, in Rio de Janeiro, in January of this year

Mark Rush‎

Ice & Fire at end of 42 F day — in Billings, Montana.

Lisa Martins‎

From up and above. I enjoyed this capture, the clouds were endless  On my way to Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands last week — at Virgin Gorda.

Congrats Everyone!




Zach Roberts

Zach Roberts

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