Top 10 Weather Photographs: 9/21/2014

The top 10 weather photographs shared in the Mr Twister
Weather Snapshot group on September 19th 2014


#1 Justin Battles (385 Likes)

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 Probably the most scenic shot I captured at Myakka State Park on 9-11-14.

#2 Brad Hannon (206 Likes)

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 Eating hot pizza from the back of the car and shooting crawlers…. doesnt get much better! – 23rd May 2006 — at Fremont, NE.

#3 Gary Schmitt (189 Likes)

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 05.21.2014 Denver storm shot .

#4 Ethan Schisler (179 Likes)

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 Took this frightening close shot of a CG lightning strike 1 year ago tonight. Shot at 17mm wide angle. The sonic-boom type thunder occurred right as this stroke happened, giving you an idea of how close it was. Thankfully I was in the car, shooting via remote.

#5 Craig Boehm (168 Likes)

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 Colorful storm from 2013 loved the canola against he clouds on this one.

#6 Matt Crowther (147 Likes)

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 Fourth of the 4 supercells I saw in the area near the MN/SD border on June 16, 2012.

#7 Wesley Luginbyhl (134 Likes)

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 April 7, 2013. Somewhere in central KS. Storm might look familiar because it is the same storm shown in the cover photo for this group. I was just on the other side of the flanking line and found this windmill down a sketchy dirt road.

#8 David Pauley (132 Likes)

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 Driving around work the other day, I watched the cumulus pop up in explosive fashion. Not all convected into thunderstorms, but into rainshowers. But one that did eventually make it to cumulonimbus status left me with a great specimen of stacked Lenticular Pileus clouds before punching through. Taken 9/17/2014.

#9 Eric Treece (127 Likes)

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 Sunset as we sail under the Mackinac Bridge in July 2014.

#10 Greg McCown (111 Likes)

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 Lightning over Tucson! It wasn’t supposed to even sprinkle this day, but storms popped up out of nowhere and proved the weatherman wrong again. Two 30 second exposures blended together. EXIF: 30 seconds, F8, ISO 200.


Congrats Everyone!


Zach Roberts

Zach Roberts

Owner/Storm Chaser/Photographer at Mr Twister
Hello and welcome my fellow photography and weather enthusiasts! I hope you enjoy my website and my photography. Nothing else in the world compares to seeing the beauty of mother nature in person, and I truly enjoying sharing my passion with you.
Zach Roberts

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