Top 10 Weather Photographs: 6/19/2015 “Tornadoes Spin Up On the Colorado Front Range”

The top 10 weather photographs shared in the Mr Twister
Weather Snapshot group on June 17th 2015





#1 Maurizio Signani  (463 Likes)

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One of eight tornadoes photographed near Simla, Colorado – 4 June 2015

#2 Arron Hiscox (278 Likes)

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The great Simla supercell 4th June 2015. Satellite tornado is just behind the peach coloured building!

#3 Ronald Kotinsky (247 Likes)

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Tampa Bay – Florida – Thunderstorm Brewing Up!

#4 Matt Crowther  (202 Likes)

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The second time this chase trip where I was eating dinner and came out of the restaurant and photographed an awesome mammatus display with my IPhone. Lusk, WY June 16.

#5 Chandler Sullivan (201 Likes)

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  Texas randomness of 2014

A Ride You Won’t Soon Forget!

#6 Jimmy Smart (195 Likes)

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‘THE BEGINNING’ First tornado of the day on June 4th 2015. Simla, Colorado.

#7 Joe Randall (173 Likes)

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I think this cloud got lost…..
This was just a few miles from Pikes Peak over Colo Spgs, CO. We see many of these on the plains but not sure I have ever seen one this close to mountains.

#8 David Dedwylder (164 Likes)

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Tropical storm Bill in behind Fort Worth this evening at sunset provided for some great light :O)

#9 Jason Persoff (152 Likes)

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Probably the most fun sunset I’ve ever witnessed spawned entirely by this little guy here: a persistent mesocyclone for hours slowly trotting its way over the skies near Sydney, NE, on 6/2/2015. Mothership incoming

#10 Ted Friel (135 Likes)

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One of my fav storms from May chase…..Near Lamar, CO Sony A77 MkII, Rokinon 14 mm


 Rising Stars

Jimbo Taylor

Approaching storm, Broome, Western Australia, Feb 2015. Nikon D90, 10-24mm.

Mike Prendergast

Dying supercell – 6/17/15 supercell southeast of Rapid City, South Dakota as it was dying out. Provided a great looking full view of the collapsing cell and a brilliant rainbow. The terrain was also stunningly beautiful.

Robert Phillips

Caught this today during our thunderstorms in San Antonio

Jari Ylioja

Texas, Wichita falls 16th. of may. One best looking supercells what i’ve ever seen.

Matt Johnson

Large wallcloud from Alberta’s first tornado warned storm of the year. 06/11/15

Congrats Everyone!



Zach Roberts

Zach Roberts

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