Top 10 Weather Photographs: 5/12/2017 “The Elusive New Mexico Tornado”

The top 10 weather photographs shared in the Mr Twister
Weather Snapshot group on May 9th & 10th 2017

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 #1 Jane ONeill‎‎ (258 Likes)

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The Wagon Mound tornado started life as a fat wedgy funnel eventually morphing into a slender trunk and occasionally a fatter trunk. We watched it for almost 20 minutes dancing across the New Mexico high plains east of Wagon Mound. 9th May 2017


#2 David Mayhew‎ (195 Likes)

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Quay NM yesterday. Great structure and some nice lightning too. Also I have a photo of what seems to be a tornado on my page, clearly a funnel but at that distance I could not confirm contact with the ground. More chasing today and tomorrow!!


#3 Jeff Stephens‎ (150 Likes)

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#4 Serkan Sezenoğlu‎ ‎(148 Likes)

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#İstanbul #bosphorus #thunderstorm 07-05-2017


#5 Ben Humphrey‎ ‎(134 Likes)

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Lightning plus wind turbines equals another stormy day in Iowa


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#6 Nick Drieschman‎ (134 Likes)

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Who’s feeling this beast? Monster supercell shortly before producing a brief tornado near Quay New Mexico last night!  5-8-17


#7 Clyve Herbert‎ (133 Likes)

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Brief tornado northeast of Davidson Oklahoma, storms today had difficulty getting their mesocyclones organised with powerfull RFD’ s constantly undercutting surface rotation..10th May 2017


#8 Derek Smith‎ (122 Likes)

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North of Simla Colorado yesterday.


#9  Ruslan Merzlyakov‎‎‎ ‎(107 Likes)

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The last Milky Way this dark-sky-season.


#10 Terry West‎(102 Likes)

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This beautiful bolt came out of a Cell that Developed to the west of the Darling Downs, Qld, Aust last year. I chased from Warwick to Greenmount, near Toowoomba and this Produced some amazing structure and Lightning. When the gust front caught up with me it hit with raw power. The inflow was not very strong and the winds went from Easterly at around 15kph to over 100kph South_westerly as the outflow hit, in a matter of a few seconds. Just about put me on my Bum, hahahaha.


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Garnie Ross‎

Mammatus Over Wheat Cartwright Manitoba Aug. 15/16 This guy moved in very quickly and then abruptly headed North. Was a Tornado Warned system. Minor damage from wind, hail North of us.

Rob Embury‎

My first chasing experience in the USA. Day 1. The New Mexico Leviathan. Definitely saw a brief tornado at distance, but the structure on this guy was the winner. Today’s chase is underway. One very happy Aussie right here.

Shannon Prentice‎

Photo from the May 2nd 2017 Booker Texas storm


Mark Dierker‎

Near Delmar, Iowa about 2am this morning.

Taylor Meyer‎

Houston, Texas May, 2017 Drive-by shot No filter Shot on iPhone 6+
Zach Roberts

Zach Roberts

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Zach Roberts

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