Top 10 Weather Photographs: 5/10/2015 “Tornado Warned Blue Beast”

The top 10 weather photographs shared in the Mr Twister
Weather Snapshot group on May 8th 2015





#1 Kyle Wirtel (640 Likes)

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“Caribbean storm”  East Texas by the Oklahoma border on tornado warned supercell.

#2 Charles Russell (436 Likes)

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Massive HP Supercell in northern Texas, somewhere beyond Electra, TX. 5/8/15 Not the best of chase days, but we did manage to see some awesome structure. This is one of my best shots from the day. Chasers And The Storm. Really nice HP structure! Check out the color of that rain/hail core! Can’t wait to get back out there later today and tomorrow!

#3 Jeff Mangum (396 Likes)

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This supercell was charging south near Cushing, OK on March 25, 2015. It’s one of my favorite storm photos because of how the car window frames the storm…and because the storm was pure eye-candy!

#4 Brandon Green (316 Likes)

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May 6th 2015 in Altus, Ok. Sun setting on evening thunderstorm.

#5 Chandler Sullivan (266 Likes)

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A Ride You Won’t Soon Forget!

#6 James Menzies (212 Likes)

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A monster stacked place supercell heads towards the OKC metro on May 6th 2015. This shot was taken from I-44 just south of Newcastle, OK.

#7 Mitchel Ryan Coombs (200 Likes)

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A tornado warned supercell south of Crosbyton, Texas begins to gust out after producing two tornadoes and creates a crisp shelf cloud on May 5, 2015.

#8 Mkr Lenart (181 Likes)

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This shot was taken yesterday too, near Felsődobsza Hungary.

#9 Stan Mathes (177 Likes)

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“Lone Star Tornado”  5-7-15 Wilbarger County Texas… 13 Miles South of Vernon, TX… Single Image… Zero Editing… Enjoy…

#10 Rich Williams (172 Likes)

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A beautiful double rainbow in Wichita Kansas earlier this evening!



 Rising Stars

Robbie Moles

Just a tad different……Hobart, Australia

Thomas Hinterdorfer

Nasty Green Supercell near Electra, TX this afternoon that pelted us with larger than Golf Ball size Hail, Gusty Winds and Torrential Rain.

Jeroen Kuiten

Cumulonimbus mammatus last week in the Netherlands. I was at work so i can only make pictures on this spot. Photo taken with Samsung S5.

Brenda Lee

Steffen Lorke

05.05.2015. Great Shelf cloud in North-Germany.

Congrats Everyone!


Zach Roberts

Zach Roberts

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Hello and welcome my fellow photography and weather enthusiasts! I hope you enjoy my website and my photography. Nothing else in the world compares to seeing the beauty of mother nature in person, and I truly enjoying sharing my passion with you.
Zach Roberts

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