Top 10 Weather Photographs: 4/20/2014

The top 10 weather photographs shared in the Mr Twister
Weather Snapshot group on April 18th 2014

#1 Andy Barber (233 Likes)

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 Ground Scraping Supercell on the Eastern Darling Downs, Queensland, Australia on November 17th, 2012

#2 Michael Beazley (159 Likes)

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 Microburst Thunderstorms in the Pilbara Western Australia, this was extremely impressive to watch 5d Mk III – 24-105mm – Patchmaster Lightning Trigger


#3 Rich Lewis (156 Likes)

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 Incredible structure from a widespread derrecho event in Northern Illinois back in 2012. This storm was severely bowed out and produced 70-75 mph straight line winds.

#4  Eric Treece (152 Likes)

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 Monument, KS TOR warned Supercell in Sept 2010

#5 Jane ONeill (141 Likes)

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 Oklahoma May 2012…..stalking a ‘sucker cell’ N of the Ada storm that dropped a tornado…..blown away by this updraft!!!!!

#6 Valentina Abinanti (133 Likes)

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 Shelf cloud near Lubbock, Texas. June 5th 2013.

#7 Herve Lambert (121 Likes)

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 No big super cell, just for fun, the cow, the storm and me.

#8 Leigh Thomas (96 Likes)

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 Isolated cell near Balfes Creek, QLD. Jan 2012

#9 Erik Dirksen (92 Likes)

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 House on fire… Shot near Gainesville, TX on May 26, 2009

#9 Alex Heimberger (92 Likes)

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 Norman, OK April 13th 2012


Congrats Everyone!

Zach Roberts

Zach Roberts

Owner/Storm Chaser/Photographer at Mr Twister
Hello and welcome my fellow photography and weather enthusiasts! I hope you enjoy my website and my photography. Nothing else in the world compares to seeing the beauty of mother nature in person, and I truly enjoying sharing my passion with you.
Zach Roberts

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