Storm Chase Ride Along

Storm Chase Ride Along

Is Storm Chasing on your bucket list? Storm Chase tours too expensive and hard to schedule?
Join professional storm Chaser Zach Roberts on a Storm Chase Ride Along!

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Witness tornadoes, hail and supercell thunderstorms first hand as Zach safely navigates you to the best spot for photos and video. The Mr Twister ride along program is flexible and inexpensive compared to other storm chase tour options and you get a Severe Storm guarantee. Here is how it works.


1. Make your $200 down payment.

The total cost of the ride along is $400. A down payment of $200 is required to assure that only serious reservations are taken.  Down payment is not refundable.

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All reservations are for 2015.

The remainder of the fee, $200 will be due the day prior to your storm chase.

2. Pick a base location.

Zach will meet you at this location prior to your chase. You must cover all expenses to get to your base location.

Base Location Cities: 

Dallas, Texas

Storm Season: April and May

Amarillo, Texas

Storm Season: April and May

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Storm Season: April and May

Wichita, Kansas

Storm Season: April and May



Omaha, Nebraska

Storm Season: May and June

Sioux City, Iowa

Storm Season: May and June

Denver, Colorado

Storm Season: May and June




3. Provide detailed contact information.

Zach will need to reach you prior to the storm chase. Zach will contact you 72 hours in advance of a potential storm chase. You must list at least two contact methods. If you are unable to be reached the next reservation will be contacted.

4. Your spot will be reserved.

Your name will be added to the base location reservation list.

5. Pay the remaining $200 for your chase.

After Zach has contacted you prior to your chase and you have agreed to meet at the base location you must pay the remaining $200 of the ride along fee. If you can not pay the next person on the reservation list will be contacted.

For Example- Wichita KS base location. 1st: John Smith 2nd: Hannah Clark 3rd: Will Arnold.

John, Hannah & Will are all contacted 48 hours prior to an anticipated storm chase near Wichita Kansas. If all three respond, all three will be riding along for that chase. If only two respond, another participant will be contacted from the back up reservations or another base location list. This will continue until all 3 seats are filled.

All of the cost to get you to the storms and back to your base location will be covered. Small snacks and drinks will be provided. Full meals prior, during or after the chase are not included. You will also receive a complimentary photo print of your choice taken by Zach and a copy of any video that Zach shoots from your chase.

6. Meet Zach at a predetermined spot within the base location city.

Remember, you are responsible for all travel, meals and accommodation expenses to get to and stay in your base location. You must be at the predetermined meeting point no later than 7am CST. If you arrive will run the risk of the group leaving without you.

7. Chase the storm!

Zach will navigate the group to the most optimal and safe position to witness that days thunderstorms. Tornadoes are not guaranteed. Thunderstorms are not guaranteed. Zach cannot control mother nature. With that being said…he does include  a Severe Storm Guarantee. If you do not witness at least one severe storm on your chase…you are refunded $200!

Chases can and do continue into the evening but will not continue into the following day unless all participants have paid for two chase days. Chases will not be stopped for anything other than an emergency. It is very likely that you will be returned to your base location late in the evening.

8. Return to your base location. 

Zach will navigate you back to your base location to be dropped off.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is this dangerous?

Yes and no. Zach is a seasoned storm chaser and has been chasing storms for over a decade. This alone will keep you out of harms way. Zach DOES NOT intercept tornadoes. Zach will navigate you to the safest location for you to get the full experience. Inherently, storm chasing is a risky hobby and you the participant will assume the risk. Zach will not be liable for any damage or injuries that occur during a chase.

When will we go on a chase? 

This is an on call chase. Meaning a storm system will enter the picture and Zach will forecast his chase target 72 hours in advance. This is not a chase tour with a set time and date for you to board the bus and go on a chase. Your base location must be en route to the target or within a reasonable distance of the target for you to participate in that chase. Zach will contact you to confirm you can go. You will pay the $200 balance for the chase and Zach will then pick you up en route to the target.

Lets take May 19th of 2013 as an example. Circled are Zach’s 2 targets for the day and actual tornadoes that occurred that day. Base locations eligible for this example would be Dallas TX, Oklahoma City OK and Wichita KS. For obvious reasons, Zach would not have been able to drive to Sioux City Iowa base location and back down to the target in Central Oklahoma. This aspect of the program is in all honesty left up to mother nature. If  your base location is Sioux City Iowa and mother nature does not cooperate to bring a storm system within reach than  you may be waiting until the following year to join a chase. If this happens, you can get a full refund of your deposit or let your deposit hold your spot for the following year. You will retain your spot in the reservation system if you do not withdraw your deposit.

How does Zach choose who gets picked for a chase and from what base location does he choose? 

Zach monitors a potential storm system 72 hours in advance and will pick a target based on the severe weather parameters that are being shown. He then chooses base locations en route to the target or within proximity of the target (see above). After the best base locations are chosen he will then go to booking order to determine who will be contacted first. A maximum of 3-4 participants are allowed to join on any 1 chase.

For example: Joe, Ben, Walt and Sally all have reservations for the Amarillo base location. Zach sees a potential storm chase in the Texas panhandle. Lets assume that Amarillo has 4 current ride along reservations. For this example lets assume Zach’s vehicle will only can allow for 3 participants. The first 3 participants Joe, Ben & Walt will be contacted and will go on this chase. What happens to Sally? She will be moved to #1 on the list of reservations for Amarillo and will await the next system that occurs near her base location of Amarillo.

Can I go for more than one day?

Yes. Most severe thunderstorm events are no longer than three days. You are free to go for as many days as you would like but you must pay the per day fee. The minimum chase time is one day.

Will I have access to internet on the chase?

Yes. Zach will provide access to his mobile internet connection (when he has it active)

If no storms occur or I don’t see a tornado can I get a refund?

Yes, the Severe Storm Guarantee provides a refund of $200 if at least one severe storm is not witnessed per day.

Where will we chase?

The location for your chase is dependent on 2 things the location of the storm system and the location of your base. Zach does not chase storm systems that fall out of this area so in turn will not be eligible for the storm chase ride along. This area will be reviewed and changed if need be.

The map below is an outline of the area that is considered prime chase area.

Can I go on multiple chases?

Sure, you will just be required to pay per day as stated above. Chase days can be purchased in a bundle and a discount will be applied if multiple days are purchased. If you chase once and would like to chase again you must add your name to the reservation list for your base location again.

Can I choose any base location? 

Of course. However, you must cover all  expenses related to travel and lodging to get to your base location.

Can we get a discount if I bring a second person?

Yes a discount is available if you have more than one reservation. The $200 deposit will still be needed for each person.

Do I have to pay the down payment when I make my reservation? 

Yes, the down payment is $200 and is refundable if you do not chase at all  that season.

What times of year will Zach call me to go on a chase?

The most active part of the season will be April, May and June but Zach could contact in any month depending on the chase opportunity that is presented. You can decline the invitation and the next reservation will then be contacted. If you decline you will NOT lose your spot and will be called again for the next chase opportunity.


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