Possible storm will bring snow to the Midwest & tornadoes to the South this weekend.

A major storm system could impact portions of the United States this weekend as many are travelling for the Christmas holiday. Heavy snow and icy conditions could be in place for portions of Indiana, Ohio and Michigan by Sunday December 22nd. On Saturday December 21st severe thunderstorms will erupt in Arkansas, Louisiana, Eastern Texas and Mississippi with the ingredients being in place for several tornadic storms. These storms will shift into Alabama and Florida overnight. The highest threat for tornadoes at the moment looks to be in the Western half of Louisiana and South West Arkansas. As far as snow totals for Sunday it is far to early to give any sort of accurate estimate. One model (GFS) is showing more rain and a warmer environment that will be more conducive to ice. While another model (Euro) is show a high snowfall event for the Upper Midwest. Rain and  icy conditions will also be possible in parts of Kentucky and Tennessee on Sunday. It is fairly certain that Saturday will have severe weather including tornadoes and Sunday will have winter weather that will likely cause delays for many holiday travelers. I will update more on this system as the week progresses and the details become ironed out.

Severe Weather Saturday 12/21

Snow Storm Sunday 12/22

Zach Roberts

Zach Roberts

Owner/Storm Chaser/Photographer at Mr Twister
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Zach Roberts

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  1. I absolutely love your pictures.They show Mother Nature at her worst,even tho there is beauty there too.I love a good electrical storm.Nothing quite like a sky full of lightning.Especially if there is some technicolor lightning involved.I’ve seen some spectacular lightning shows.This is about to be one of my favorite sites.Take care and duck quickly.

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