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Top 10 Weather Photographs: 1/10/2015

facebook twitter reddit pinterest tumblr The top 10 weather photographs shared in the Mr Twister Weather Snapshot group on January 7th 2015    #1 Josh Stephen  (497 Likes)  This is what happens when you combine 50mph winds coming off a lake and a short pier. Taken 8 Jan 2015 […]

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Winter Weather…Gone Wild

facebook twitter reddit pinterest tumblr   I absolutely love weather. One reason is because weather tends to be as quirky as I am. While I have to say fall is my favorite season, winter comes in as a close second. It is unpredictable, frustrating, and sometimes utterly […]

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Winter Weather Awarness

facebook twitter reddit pinterest tumblr Every season brings about a new set of challenges when it comes to the weather. It seems with every approaching cold front we are told to beware the plunging jet streams and massive snows. As we approach the Holiday and the heart […]

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Polar Vortex..drought and where are the tornadoes? 2014’s Top Weather Stories

facebook twitter reddit pinterest tumblr This is the month where every blog, newspaper and social media source will put together their “Year in Review.”  We are no different because no great platform for information would be complete without a countdown of the top events related to the […]

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Lightning, Thunder, Freezing Rain, and Sleet. Oh My.

facebook twitter reddit pinterest tumblr Today’s winter storm brought a mixed bag of winter weather to Texas, Missouri, and Oklahoma. Many residents of these states witnessed the unusual phenomenon of thundersleet, which is sleet associated with convective bands. The thunder and lightning cause intensified precipitation rates within […]

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Ice and Snow Pummel The South. Again.

facebook twitter reddit pinterest tumblr From Texas to the Carolinas, a historic winter storm has slammed into the southern states. Highways are a nightmare, roads are impassable, and power lines are snapping. Power outages are widespread, and it may take a week or longer to restore power. […]

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Winter Weather Forecasting: Science Or Shot In The Dark?

facebook twitter reddit pinterest tumblr Winter weather forecasting is the trickiest type of weather to forecast. Even the most seasoned meteorologists have struggled with getting a forecast right during the cold, snowy months of the year. Many of you have gone through the hope, (or dismay), of […]

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What’s An Ice Storm Doing In Atlanta?

facebook twitter reddit pinterest tumblr The entire nation has watched in amazement as historic weather events unfolding in the south this week. A winter storm brought ice and snow from Texas to the Carolinas, areas not accustomed to winter weather. The cities of Birmingham, AL and Atlanta, […]

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Arctic air invades as 40 car pile up due to blinding snow causes 3 deaths in Indiana.

facebook twitter reddit pinterest tumblr A pool of Arctic air stretched all the way to Houston Texas early Friday morning while blinding snow in Indiana caused a 40 car pile up resulting in 3 fatalities. While not unheard of but certainly not a regular event, temperatures in […]

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Historic Snow and Freezing Temperatures Take Hold

facebook twitter reddit pinterest tumblr Thousands are without power in the Mid West as a historic arctic outbreak continues to impact areas from Illinois to Florida. Record low temperatures were recorded Monday in Chicago and Fort Wayne Indiana as the frigid temperatures began to move South and […]

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