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Top 10 Weather Photographs: 3/10/2017 “Michigan Wind Creates Golden Waves”

facebook twitter reddit pinterest tumblr The top 10 weather photographs shared in the Mr Twister Weather Snapshot group on  March 8th 2017 #1 Charles Russell‎‎ (250 Likes) Absolutely amazing day at Grand Haven State Park in Michigan!!! Just coming into the golden hour on this wildly windy day!!  The […]

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Out in the Elements: Military Sniper

facebook twitter reddit pinterest tumblr A blog series detailing impacts the weather has on a variety of professions. Many of us have nice jobs in nice buildings in nice places. But not everyone. There is a large segment of the population that consists of hands-on, outdoors, all-weather professionals. These […]

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Pineapple Express Brings Drought Relief, Choas to California

facebook twitter reddit pinterest tumblr California has been dealing with a drought which was entering into its third year with no relief in sight.  Now the state is getting the rain it needed, but it is coming with great consequence thanks to a weather system known as […]

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The Great Natchez Tornado of May 7th, 1840

facebook twitter reddit pinterest tumblr Near 1pm on the afternoon of May 7th, 1840 a thunderstorm that produced one of the most violent tornadoes in recorded history began to form just southwest of Natchez, Mississippi.  Near 2pm the storm dropped what was likely a massive twister as […]

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What Makes A Severe Thunderstorm Severe?

facebook twitter reddit pinterest tumblr Later this week, one of the first signs of spring will be appearing, in the form of thunderstorms. It is likely that some of these storms will be severe, and there may even be a tornado or two. But not all thunderstorms […]

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Top 5 Weather Stories of 2013

facebook twitter reddit pinterest tumblr The weather of 2013 was quite a mystery as the United States experienced one of the slowest years on record for both tornadoes and hurricanes. On the flip side the weather events that did occur were some of the worst on record. […]

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Possible storm will bring snow to the Midwest & tornadoes to the South this weekend.

facebook twitter reddit pinterest tumblr A major storm system could impact portions of the United States this weekend as many are travelling for the Christmas holiday. Heavy snow and icy conditions could be in place for portions of Indiana, Ohio and Michigan by Sunday December 22nd. On Saturday December […]

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Tornadoes rake the Upper Mid West

facebook twitter reddit pinterest tumblr Tornadic storms are marching across portions of the Ohio Valley as I type this. Over 55 (some likely duplicate reports) tornadoes have been reported with more likely this evening. In all over 200 severe reports have been tabulated for this November outbreak. […]

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Severe Weather Outbreak Likely Sunday 11/17

facebook twitter reddit pinterest tumblr A widespread severe weather event will likely take place tomorrow from the Great Lakes through the Ohio and Tennessee Valley. A damaging wind event will likely take place as a line of storms develop along a cold front from Michigan to Tennessee and […]

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