Top 10 Weather Photographs: 4/9/2017 “Convection at the Texas Motor Speedway”

The top 10 weather photographs shared in the Mr Twister
Weather Snapshot group on April 7th 2017

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#1 Jeff Stephens‎‎ ‎(595 Likes)

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 Convection. Texas Motor Speedway.

#2 Craig Boehm‎(330 Likes)

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 The decision

#3 Dale Kaminski‎ (281 Likes)

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July 10, 2011 South of Overton Nebraska Phelps County Shelf Cloud w/ Teeth

#4 Stavros Kesedakis‎ (211 Likes)

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 An amazing photogenic dying supercell near Greensburg Kansas on May 8th 2016 ,with a beautiful double rainbow at the base while some anticrespucular rays show on the left side of the cell

#5 Darrick Shores‎ (184 Likes)

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 My favorite kind of days.

#6 Verna Mogk‎ ‎(160 Likes)

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April 4, 2017, 3:25 am. RM of Brokenhead, MANITOBA, CANADA.
This was taken about half an hour after we wrapped up our Aurora shoot for the night and set off for home. The sky lit up with a green glow and the Aurora continued its dance for another hour or so. The bright light to the left was the very bright moon as it dipped down under the horizon.

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#7 Jason Koch‎ ‎(146 Likes)

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 Possible wet microburst over Emerald Queensland Australia a few years back. This was just taken on my phone, as I was rather concerned to drag out the DSLR due to water damage. Very frequent lightning was also observed with this system.


#8 Stuart R Milliner‎ (123 Likes)

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A shot I got from the May 1st Geomagnetic storm just outside Calgary.


#9 Dan Smith‎‎ (115 Likes)

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Lp supercell churning through the sunset Fairland Oklahoma


#10 Jesse Post‎ (86 Likes)

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A view looking out from up to your boots in The Cage :O Tor on the right (out of view), Core on the left, looking ENE here…..This viewpoint is like having “the hook” about 270* around behind you.


Rising Stars


Cristina Palafox‎

Houston, Tx

Lynn Rosebrock‎

Gulf of Mexico sunset 10/16

Glen H Bell‎

Good morning! Wherever you are at! Sunrise. July 25/2016. Calgary, Alberta. Canada.

Dee Beeching‎

4-5-17 Kansas short lived storm


John Lennard‎

Silhouette Sunset over Wagonga Inlet, Narooma, South Coast, NSW.


Zach Roberts

Zach Roberts

Owner/Storm Chaser/Photographer at Mr Twister
Hello and welcome my fellow photography and weather enthusiasts! I hope you enjoy my website and my photography. Nothing else in the world compares to seeing the beauty of mother nature in person, and I truly enjoying sharing my passion with you.
Zach Roberts

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